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Introducing InnerSoft

InnerSoft is a company specialized in developing applications for maths, science and CAD. We develop tools to automate and reduce time consuming tasks in scientific, architecture and engineering consulting firms. Let us know your ideas to improve the productivity of your company, and we will try to provide a solution saving you hours of work.

Download InnerSoft STATS v1.2

InnerSoft STATS is an application to compute statistics for parameter estimation. Using Demo Version, you will be able to compute statistics with no restrictions.

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Download ISSTATS PDF Manual

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Price is 40 dollars. Using the full version, you will be able to open and save files, and export outputs to Excel. You can pay by PayPal.
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Available Statistical Methods

Descriptive Statistics: Mean, Variance, Standard deviation, Coefficient of variation, Quartiles, Percentiles, Skewness, Kurtosis, Mode, Interquartile range, Sum of Squares.
Pearson Chi-Square Test, Yates's Continuity Correction, Likelihood Ratio G-Test, Mantel-Haenszel Chi-Square Test, One sided and two sided Fisher’s Exact Test, McNemar asymptotic, Edwards Continuity Correction, McNemar Exact Binomial, Mid-P McNemar Test, McNemar-Bowker Test, Odds Ratio, Relative Risk, Attributable risk, Relative Attributable Risk, Number Needed to Harm, Attributable Risk per Unit, Etiologic Fraction, Cohen's Kappa Test. Phi Coefficient, Contingency Coefficient, Standardized Contingency Coefficient, Cramer's V, Tschuprow's T, Symmetric Lambda, Asymmetric Lambda, Symmetric Uncertainty Coefficient, Asymmetric Uncertainty Coefficient, Gamma, Sommers’ d, Kendall’s tau-b, Kendall’s tau-c.
One-Sample Test: One-sample z-test, One-sample t-test, Chi-squared test for variance.
Two-Sample Test: Student's t-test for Independent samples (pooled t-test for equal variances and unpooled t-test for unequal variances), Student's t-test for Paired samples, Two-sample F-test of equality of variances.
One-Way ANOVA with multiple comparisons methods: Scheffe, Tukey HSD, Sidak, Fisher LSD, Bonferroni. Welch’s Test for equality of means, Brown–Forsythe Test for equality of means
Homoscedasticity Test: Levene's Test, Brown–Forsythe Test for equality of variances, Bartlett's Test
Bivariate Correlation Tests: Matrix of covariances, Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficients, Kendall's Tau-b Correlation Coefficients, Spearman’s Correlation Coefficients
Parametric Value at Risk by the Variance-Covariance Method for single assets and portfolios. Marginal Value at Risk, Component Value at Risk, Incremental Value at Risk, Conditional Value at Risk, Expected Shortfall, Expected Tail Loss or Average Value at Risk.
Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) Forecast